Use your Board Cleverly

Some­ti­mes in small to mid-sized Civil-Socie­­ty-Orga­­ni­za­­ti­ons (CSOs), my expe­ri­ence is that the Board only nomi­nal­ly exists. A cau­se might be that mem­bers were tal­ked into joi­ning the Board wit­hout real deter­mi­na­ti­on (“some­bo­dy has to do this”). Or sala­ried employees form the Board. The lat­ter may lead to con­flict of inte­rest, sin­ce the Board as governing […]

Empowering team leader

Empowering leadership in a team

An acquain­tance of mine works for a lar­ge public insti­tu­ti­on. She recent­ly told me how dif­fi­cult team work has beco­me due to an over­sen­si­ti­ve col­le­ague. In fact, the situa­ti­on in her team has beco­me so unbe­ara­ble, that after a vaca­ti­on she had lost all moti­va­ti­on to return to her job. All attempts so far to […]