Don't lose your face

I do not want you to lose your face

When the rela­ti­onship bet­ween an employee and her or his super­vi­sor or manage­ment turns sour, mutu­al trust is lost. Both sides have oppo­sing views on who is to bla­me. On the who­le, not so many job com­ple­te­ly fail. But if they do, the result quite often is a pain­ful and deman­ding situa­ti­on both for the […]

Graffiti: Hamsterrad, treadmill, vacation

Shut down the email treadmill

When­ever I return from a vaca­ti­on, I know that the­re will be up to 1000 emails wai­ting for me. I will need 2 – 3 weeks to catch up, negle­c­ting other tasks. Some­ti­mes I think it might be saner to not go on vaca­ti­ons any­mo­re.“ This is the depres­sing rea­li­ty for mil­li­ons of employees: It […]